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Temporary illuminations of the ING, AXA and DEUTSCHE BANK buildings 

Enjoy the unusual dynamic lighting of the ING, AXA and DEUTSCHE BANK buildings.

Near the Place du Trône, between the routes through the Royal district and the European Quarter, you'll find the temporary illuminations of the AXA and DEUTSCHE BANK buildings. These buildings are adopting the Bright colours with unusual dynamic lighting. A lovely way to connect the two routes in the heights of the city.   

The ING building is also worth a visit. To celebrate its 150 years of existence and to mark the "Hahaha. The Humor of Art" exhibition, the bank has treated itself to some exceptional illuminations. You will be able to observe two light shows, played in alternation. Discover them during Bright Brussels! 

This extraordinary illumination is the work of Magic Monkey.

Place du Trône