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Korean Cultural Center : What Makes Me Wander

'What makes me wander' is an exceptional exhibition to mark the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Belgium and the Republic of Korea.

This exhibition reflects on an observation made in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: the greater the constraint of space, the greater the desire to wander. The more we are forced to stay in a small space and meet only a few people, the more we try to find and create a door that connects us to the world. The human capacity to fantasise is ever-increasing.

Hosts: The Ministry for Culture, Sport and Tourisme / Korean Cultual Center Brussels /KOFICE
Organiser: LAMPLAB
Artistic Director: Suejin SHIN
Artists: David Seok Jun Ha, Jinju LEE, Jeongbae LEE, Céline Cuvelier, Cindy Coutant, Ben Rivers, Kraig Adams, Hyojin Jeong

When ? 28/10>6/11, >23:00
Where ? Rue de la Régence 4, 1000 Brussels
Price : free
Info : here

Centre Culturel Coréen de Bruxelles