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Lightbattle III - Venividimultiplex

Lightbattle III invites you to discover the Dutch cultural heritage of cycling in an original way.

Visitors are invited to take a seat in the installation and compete against each other.

Under three interactive light arches, six bicycles face each other from one side to another. Depending on how fast they pedal, the light gradually intensifies the colours of the arch.  The fastest cyclist will be rewarded by an avalanche of coloured light. May the race begin!

Joost van Bergen, Dirk Schlebusch and Onne Walsmit met during their studies at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.  Since 2012, they have worked in the collective Venividimuliplex. Their slogan is ‘Let’s make things epic’. The design studio has worked on a series of projects in the fields of architecture and interior and conceptual design.  With their multidisciplinary and interactive installations, Venividimultiplex pushes back the limits.

Image credit: Light Art Collection Ltd.

This work is brought to you by the European Parliament, partner of this year's Bright Brussels. 


Esplanade Solidarnosc 1980